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Legislative Update
BY:Law and Legislative Committee ON: May 18, 2014
Update: These bills are currently dead in committee however the bills can be reintroduced into the house or senate if any representative sponsors the bill. If this happens we will keep you up to date.
There have been two bills introduced into the House of Representatives for the State of Missouri, House Bill 1891 and 1824 that will impact the the massage therapy profession but as geologists, landscape architects, barbers, cosmetologists, embalmers, athletic agents, professional sports agents, and private investigators. 

HB 1824 would allow anyone to practice a regulated profession without licensure, as long as that person did not claim to be licensed or certified. This a a very dangerous precedent.
 The biggest impact of HB 1824 would be to make it impossible for licensing boards to pass regulations of almost any kind. Eventually licensing boards would not be able to regulate their professions. A number of problems could arise with passage of these bills. Please be aware of just some of the following problems of that may arise if these bills are passed:
  1. Current massage regulations protect the public against sexual predators.
  • Individuals guilty of sexual crimes are prevented, by regulation, from becoming being licensed as massage therapist, massage therapy instructors, or from owning massage therapy businesses. If licenses are not required to practice massage, this protection disappears.
  • Regulations limit business from using the terms massage and bodywork unless they are licensed massage businesses. Since the inception of this regulation, it has become difficult to find the kind of "massage parlors" that were rampant before massage was regulated (prior to 1999). If licensing is no longer a bar, then we anticipate that "massage parlors" will become common again. Since these businesses are often fronts for organized crime, linked to money laundering, prostitution, human trafficking, and the illegal drug trade, these evils would then be insinuated, publically, into the hearts of our communities again.
  1. Current massage regulations also protect the public against other predators.
  • A morals clause in the regulations prohibits the licensing of individuals who have been convicted of running scams, or otherwise preying on others for their personal gain.  Without licensure this protection for the public would be lost.
  1. Current massage regulations protect the public from dangers posed undertrained therapists:
  • Untrained therapists can harm patients/clients by treating innocuous, but dangerous sites on the body (endangerment sites). For example by applying pressure to the carotid artery when treating a stiff neck.
  • Untrained therapists may treat conditions that should not be treated: like phlebitis; or, by trying to work out what they think is a knot, but that is really deep vein thrombosis.
  • Untrained therapists may keep their offices relatively neat and clean, but outward appearances do not guarantee that universal precautions against spreading contagious diseases are understood, or followed by such therapists. This ignorance could endanger the public if untrained therapists became vectors for disease.
  1. Current regulation has increased the availability of massage to the general public and has made it both safe and affordable.
  • Since regulation the number of massage therapists in the state has grown from an estimated 3,000 prior to licensure to 4,895 today, a growth of 63% in fourteen years, outpacing the growth of the state's population. The competition that results from that growth has helped keep prices competitive, as has the entry of chain businesses, such as Massage Envy, which have been attracted to Missouri because of the growth of the use of massage and because of the availability of a trained workforce.
  • The absence of "massage parlors" has contributed to the popularity of massage for the purpose of relaxation and of health maintenance. Without regulation "massage parlors" would certainly return and both availability of legitimate massage, outside of resorts would decrease, to the detriment of the general health of the population of the state.
Please contact your representative and tell them that you oppose these bills but also have your fellow therapists, clients, family, and friends contact their legislators and tell them that they oppose these bills for the reasons above. If people do not know who their representatives are they can use this link:Find your representative. It is important for people who contact legislators to tell them that they are constituents. They should not say they vote unless they actually do vote, since that information is easily available to legislators.  

AMTA Missouri 55th Annual Spring Convention and Schedule
BY:Education ON: April 17, 2014
Thursday, April 24, 2014
  • TBA pm: Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, April 25, 2014

  • 10:00am-12:00pm: CSMT Training
  • 12:30-1:00pm: Preregistration for people taking Research Class
  • 1:00-4:00pm: Make Research Relevant to Me- Ruth Werner LMT (This class is free to all AMTA members. Non-member cost-$20)
  • 4:00-6:00pm: Opening Reception, Registration, Vendor Hall, Student Reception
  • 6:00-9:00pm: Massage and Pathology: Common and Contagious Skin Conditions- Ruth Werner LMT (3 hours)
  • 6:00-9:00pm: Introduction to Assessment of the Lower Extremities- Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT (3 hours)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

  • 7:00-8:30am: Breakfast with Loree Kessler
  • 8:30-11:30am: Massage Therapy and Pathology: AIDs and Hep and Flu, Oh My!- Ruth Werner LMT (3 hours)
  • 8:30-11:30am: Introduction to Assessment of the Lower Extremities- Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT (3 hours)
  • 11:45am-2:00pm: Lunch, Annual Meeting and Elections (Raffle, Have to be present to win)
  • 2:30-5:30pm: Massage Therapy and Pathology: Gender Based Issues- Ruth Werner LMT (3 hours)
  • 2:30-5:30pm: Introduction to Assessment of the Lower Extremities- Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT (3 hours)
  • 6:30-7:00pm: Cocktails
  • 7:00-10:00pm: Dinner Celebrating 55 years

Sunday, April 27, 2014

  • 7:00-8:30am: Breakfast 
  • 8:30-11:30am: The Ethics of Client Communication: Talking to Clients About Their Health- Ruth Werner LMT (3 hours)
  • 8:30-11:30am: Introduction to Assessment of the Lower Extremities- Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT (3 hours)
  • 12:00pm-TBA: New Board of Directors Meeting
**Ruth Werner LMT is an approved provider for NCBTMB. 
***Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT is expected to be an approved provider for NCBTMB by the date of convention. 

To register for the Convention please click this link.

55th Annual Spring Convention
BY:Education/Communication ON: January 16, 2014

Come join us April 25-27, 2014 for the 55th Annual Spring Convention at The DoubleTree by Hilton in Springfield, Missouri. We are pleased to announce that Ruth Werner LMT and Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT will be presenting wonderful courses. You will be able to earn up to 15 CE's during the weekend. If you cannot join us for the whole weekend there will be half weekend options. 

Early Bird Registration ends on March 26, 2014, so do not wait to sign up. 

Community Service Massage Team Training will kick off the weekend on Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10:00 am so don't miss out on an exciting time!


The courses that will be presented are:

  • Make Research Relevant to Me-3 CE's (Ruth Werner LMT)
  • Massage Therapy and Pathology: Common and Contagious Skin Disorders-3 CE's (Ruth Werner LMT)
  • Massage Therapy and Pathology:HIV/AIDs and other Public Health Issues-3 CE's (Ruth Werner LMT)
  • Massage Therapy and Pathology: Gender Based Issues-3 CE's (Ruth Werner LMT)
  • The Ethic of Client Communication: Talking to Clients About Their Health-3 CE's (Ruth Werner LMT)
  • Assessment of the Lower Extremity:Hip and Lumbar-6 CE's (Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT)
  • Assessment of the Lower Extremity: Knee and Ankle-6CE's (Esteban Ruvalcaba LMT)
To register, please visit this link

National Election Results Announced
BY:Communications ON: 12/13/13

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) announces the results of its 2013 national election, conducted electronically among its Professional members. Jeff W. Smoot of Oklahoma was voted President-Elect. He will serve in that position from March 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015 when he will assume the position of President. On March 1, 2014 current President-Elect, Nancy Porambo of Pennsylvania, will become AMTA President.

Kathie Lea (LA) and Dolly Wallace (MI) were elected Vice Presidents and will serve two-year terms beginning March 1, 2014.

Three Members-at-Large of the Board of Directors also were elected: John Lauren Combe (OR),Glyn Desmond (WA) and Joan Nichols (GA).

Suzie Lindberg (ID) Trisha M. Pennell (ID) and Becky Schwoebel (IL) were elected to the Commission on Candidacy and will coordinate the candidate search for the 2014 national AMTA election. 

report on election results is available for AMTA members. Photos of those elected to the Board of Directors also soon will be available.

The American Massage Therapy Association is the largest non-profit, professional association for massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. The association is directed by volunteer leadership elected by the membership and fosters ongoing, member involvement through its 51 chapters. AMTA works to advance the profession through ethics and standards, the promotion of fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists in all states, and public education on the benefits of massage. The association actively promotes its members to the public and potential employers.

National Elections
BY:Communications ON: 11/1/2013
AMTA is delighted to announce an outstanding group of candidates for the AMTA National Board of Directors and the Commission on Candidacy.

President-Elect will begin a three-year term on March 1, 2014 and all other board and commission positions are a two year term beginning March 1, 2014.

You will be electing, one President-Elect, two Vice-President's, three Members-at-Large and members of the Commission on Candidacy.

Voting is one way that we, as members, shape our organization. We need to ensure that our organization, the leader in the massage profession, continues to be well represented. Your voice counts in this organization. So, take a minute and cast your vote.

The AMTA elections are open through December 1, 2013, 11:59pm Central Time, USA.

To cast your vote, please login using your unique credentials that were supplied in an email from National.

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week
BY:Community Service Massage Team ON: 10-26-2013
The Community Service Massage Team is preparing for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, which is October 20-26th. We are having therapists across the state go to their local Senior Center/Nutrition Center and provide chair massage to individuals there. Another way we are having therapists participate is to do a food drive for their local Food Pantries. If you would like to participate, please contact Bary Terry at to get the documentation needed such as sign in sheet and tracking sheet.

2013 Fall Conference Schedule
BY:Education ON: September 11, 2013

Class Schedule


Friday October 11, 2013 


9:30am-11:30am Board of Directors Meeting


2:00pm-6:00pm Class-SRT for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome With Taya Countryman LMP


6:30pm-8:30pm CSMT Training with Sheri Rorhbach (dinner included for those attending)


Saturday October 12, 2013


8:00am- 11:45am Class -SRT for Thoracic Outlet Syndromewith Taya Countryman LMP


11:45am-1:00pm Lunch on own.


1:00pm-5:00pm-SRT for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome with Taya Countryman LMP


We will provide snacks at our break on Saturday afternoon. All meals will be on your own. Please feel free to bring food water or whatever you need to sustain yourself. You will have an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch and a break throughout each day

AMTA's Approach to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
BY:Bary Terry ON: 08/17/13

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) understands there has been much discussion and debate about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the potential role for massage therapists that it might provide within health insurance based, third-party reimbursement. Similar debates are taking place among other health care professionals as the ACA presents many challenges for everyone involved in health care, from professionals to consumers. While the law was enacted more than 3 years ago, it continues to be debated, analyzed and scrutinized. Meanwhile, the law has evolved and implementation will continue to evolve, especially as states determine their approaches to it.

AMTA has been actively engaged with federal agencies and U.S. congressional offices, since the ACA was introduced, about its impact on massage therapists and those they serve. And, AMTA is continuing all of its relationships with health care organizations and regulators, because health insurance reimbursement is still only one part of the integration of massage therapy into health care.

AMTA is approaching the ACA in a very practical and systematic way, which will promote and protect the best interests of massage therapists and avoids jumping in too quickly and making assumptions that might prove counter-productive.

“Many of us have hopes and interpretations of the law that may not be realistic as it begins to take shape,” says AMTA President Winona Bontrager. “One aspect of our approach is to move forward with a plan for vetted research to make the case for massage as an integrated part of health care. This will provide a foundation for all we do at the national level and what we will pursue in each state. It’s one thing to compile research we feel is supportive and another to ensure that what we bring forward is valid and relevant to the process of achieving acceptance within the framework of the ACA.”

Implementation of the ACA will look very different from state to state and AMTA has already been in contact with its chapters about developing guidelines and resources to address the ACA in every state. The association will focus on several fundamental principles that are intended to promote the interests of its members and their clients, as well as the entire massage therapy profession. 

Specifically, AMTA believes that any guidelines for implementation of the ACA:

  • Must accommodate the evolution of the Affordable Care Act, implementation variations, statutory changes and unforeseen variables;
  • Must be sustainable and cannot be centered around the exploitation of loopholes or singular clauses; and,
  • Must be suitable for all massage therapists, not just those wishing to participate in third party reimbursement

AMTA also believes implementation of the ACA must:

  • Place no limitations on massage therapists’ right to practice;
  • Place no obstacles to direct patient/client access to massage therapy services; and,
  • Place no restrictions on the rights of healthcare practitioners to refer to massage therapists. 

The association believes a plan focused on these principles will be the most effective approach to the evolving third-party reimbursement system. “We will provide our chapters with resources to advocate specifically for the inclusion of massage therapists, not only in Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes, which are important elements of the ACA, but also in traditional and exchange-based health insurance plans,” says Bontrager. 

Anyone following the evolution of the ACA, is likely aware that dates for implementation, as well as interpretations of its meanings and legal decisions, are still very much in a state of flux. Therefore, AMTA is continuing to directly engage both the congressional offices of those who developed the legislation and the government agencies that will be implementing the new law. 

A special session on Saturday of AMTA’s national convention in Fort Worth, Texas will be devoted to what the association knows of the ACA and what legal experts see as the reality of the law. All in the profession are welcome to attend AMTA’s convention and take advantage of this important presentation. As the ACA evolves, AMTA will make its views and progress known to the whole profession.

AMTA National Call for Candidates
BY:Communications ON: July 27, 2013

Have you considered participating with fellow members at the national level? If so, the “Call for Candidates” is now open. You can choose to run for an elected office for the National Board of Directors or the Commission on Candidacy. Request an application now and complete the process by September 1st. Serving at the national level is a great way to meet some wonderful, dedicated people in our profession.  Click here for more information.

AMTA Interview
BY:Communications ON: July 23, 2013
Meredith Jerome, Missouri Chapter First Vice President recently did an interview over Massage for Health and Wellness. The interview can be found at 

AMTA Massage Therapy Tour
BY:Bary W Terry ON:
The AMTA Missouri Chapter just found out that the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour is going to be stopping in St. Louis and Overland Park, KS in June! The Tour will be in Overland Park, KS (near Kansas City) June 14-15th for the 24th Jazz in the Woods and in St. Louis, MO on June 17th for St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs MLB Game. 
For an updated tour schedule please visit the link . Stay tuned for additional details!

CSMT Event
BY:Bary W Terry ON:
The Community Service Massage Team provided chair massage at the State Capitol today while serving as a part of Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD). Next time you see Dee Featherstone, Donna Abney, Maureen Hoock, and Sheri Rohrbach, please thank them for providing 53 chair massages and representing your AMTA Missouri Chapter at this important event.
Would you like to join us at our next event? If so, call Sheri Rohrbach at 573-375-3639.

Election Update
BY:Bary W Terry ON: 03/24/2013
This past weekend was the Annual Spring Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. We had a slate of officers that were running for the board of directors. The positions and members that were elected were as follows:

  • 1st Vice President (2 year Term): Meredith Kusmer
  • 3rd Vice President (2 year Term): Bary Terry
  • Secretary (1 year term): Donna Abney
  • Treasurer (2 year term): Janene Sun
  • Member-at-Large (1 year term):  Charlene Vinson
  • Delegate (2 year term): Donna Abney
  • Delegate (2 year term):  Dee Featherstone
  • Alternate Delegate(s):
  • 1st  Denny Klosterman
  • 2nd Kim White
  • 3rd Meredith Kusmer
  • 4th Leslie Kiernan

Again, thank you to everyone that faced the weather and came to the shortened convention. 

AMTA Missouri 54th Annual Meeting and Convention
BY:Meredith Kusmer LMT ON: March 22-24, 2013
Please Join us for our 54th Annual Spring Convention to be held at the Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. March 22-24, 2013. You have your choice of classes for a total of 12 CEU's each. Carrie Fisher, BS, LMT from the Upledger Institute will be teaching CranioSacral Therapy: The Role in Treating Low Back Dysfunctions 12 CEU's.  Or choose Kelly Lott teaching: Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine Headaches 6 CEU's and Kirk Nelson, CPNMT will be teaching Interacting with Professionals as a Professional in an Ethical Manner and Drawing a Line 3 CEU's and Strategies to Create and Manage Ethical Boundaries 3 CE Hours, (fulfills Standard V requirement of the NCBTMB). We hope you will join us for our Annual meeting and Elections, Saturday, at 11:45 a.m. Lunch is included in the convention price. If you are interested in attending the meeting and having lunch but you are unable to attend the convention, please contact Meredith Kusmer at,. If you are interested in running for a Board of Directors position (BOD), please contact Leslie Kiernan at The group room rate at the Holiday Inn is  $99.00 per night. Be sure to mention you are with the AMTA Missouri Chapter in order to receive this rate. The CUT OFF date to get this rate is March 8, 2013. Click the Registration Button to Register. Please Contact Meredith Kusmer for any questions about the Convention and or Registration at or 314-409-4867.

Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza
One E. 45th Street
Kansas City, MO 6411
PH: 816-753-7400

AMTA National Election Results
BY:Bary Terry ON: 12/12/12

We want you to know the results of AMTA's 2012 national election, conducted electronically among our Professional members. Nancy Porambo of Pennsylvania was voted President-Elect. She will serve in that position from March 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014 when she will assume the position of President. On March 1, 2013 current President-Elect, Winona Bontrager of Pennsylvania, will become AMTA President.

Nathan Nordstrom of Georgia was elected as a Vice President and will serve a two-year term beginning March 1, 2013. Three Members-at-Large of the Board of Directors also were elected: Christopher Deery (PA), S. Pualani Gillespie (HI) and Maureen Hoock (MO).

Pat Collins (NY) and Barbara Ann Lis (IN) were elected to the Commission on Candidacy and will coordinate the candidate search for the 2013 national AMTA election.

Read the statement from the Commissioner of Elections and the report on election results. (Login to view the report)

Thank you for electing these new national volunteers to help lead the association!

House of Delegates Update
BY:Bary W. Terry ON: October 8, 2012
Thank you to the Missouri Chapter Delegates attendng the AMTA House of Delegates Business Meeting on October 4th, to help pass the following Position Statements and Recommendations. Also, a big thank you to you the members for voicing opinions on the Statements and Recommendations. The Position Statements that passed were: 
1)It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage th
erapy can be effective in reducing low back pain.
2)It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage therapy can help improve sleep.
3)It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage therapy can be a beneficial part of an integrative treatment plan for those who suffer with fibromyalgia syndrome. 
The Recommendations that passed the HOD for National Board of Directors consideration were the Resolution of the Delegate Service, and that Chapters may be reimbursed by National for school visits. The National Board of Directors still have to discuss and vote on the Recommendations that Passed the HOD.

Your Vote Counts! AMTA 2012 National Election
BY:Bary Terry ON: 9-20-2012
Be among the professional members that shape our association. Vote for our national leaders. AMTA is the premier professional organization and needs top leadership to be a strong voice and guide us to the future. Your vote is needed to ensure that the organization, remains on top and continues to be well represented.

Get to know the candidates by linking up with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Don’t be shy, ask them questions or read what someone else asked. Find out what their vision and goals are for the future of AMTA and the massage profession. If the candidate
established any social media sites, you can access the information at the bottom of each candidate’s bio information page found on the AMTA official election website.

Your voice counts in this organization. Make a decision to support one of our core values, ‘to be a membership driven organization’ and vote. That is what ‘member driven’ means. Join in, become a more informed voter and cast your vote by December 1.

2012 Election Timeline

November 1-5: A link to the online ballot will be sent via electronic mail to all voting members.

December 1: Completed ballots are due.

January 1: Results will be announced no later than January 1 on the AMTA website.

March 1: New officers assume office.

Please contact Gail Friedman at 877-905-2700 x168 or if
you have questions.

Suspension of Mo Sports Massage Team
BY:Janene Sun ON: 9-20-2012
The AMTA MO Chapter has decided to suspend activities of the MO Sports Massage Team. We will review this decision annually.

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week
BY:Bary Terry ON: 9-20-2012

The Charity Division of the Community Service Massage Team will be providing massage for Red Cross employees and volunteers during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. On Oct. 18th (12-4) and Oct. 19th (9-1), we will be at FEMA headquarters in Jeff City. In St. Louis, we will be at Red Cross headquarters on Oct. 23rd (9-1) and Oct. 24th (12-4). Also, we will be in Springfield on Oct. 22nd (8-11) and Oct. 24th (1-4). The dates and times for Kansas City and  Columbia have not been set yet but will be shortly. If you can volunteer, please contact myself, Bary Terry at or 870-204-2171. 

Volunteer Opportunity
BY:Maureen Hoock ON: 5/21/2012
The MO Chapter Community Service Massage Team (CSMT)
Charity Division will be providing massage for the MS Challenge
Walk, June 1-3, 2012 in St. Louis. Volunteers are needed (with
massage tables) for the following shifts: Sat and Sun, June 1-2:
10:30-1:30 (lunch site), 2-5 and 5-8pm (Washington University)
and Sunday, June 3: 9-12 and 3-4 (Wash U) and 2-3 (lunch site).
Volunteers need to be AMTA members, but because this is a
charity division event, CSMT training is not required. Please
contact Bary Terry ( or 870-204-2171)
to sign up or for more information.

CSMT Emergency Division Update
BY:Moda-Pop ON: Thursday, March 15, 2012
Due to a slowing of the volunteer response in Branson, AmeriCorps suggest we end our response there. Some AmeriCorp volunteers are headed to northwest MO (St. Joe area) to direct cleanup from flooding. That's where we may be headed next- we will know more early next week. The storm season is upon us. Please consider joining us for a CSMT Emergency Division responder training on Friday, March 30 from 1:30- 4pm, before the opening of the AMTA MO Chapter convention!

MO Chapter Elects New Chapter Leaders
BY:Moda-Pop ON: Tuesday, April 3, 2012
The AMTA MO Chapter held its State Convention and Annual Chapter Meeting at the Sheraton Westport this past weekend. Leslie Kiernan, who until this past weekend served as 1st VP, was elected Chapter President.